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Working with the best in the world

As a former participant, I have the opportunity to train young talents for upcoming world skills competitions. In an extended team of experts, we coach the professional athletes from the first preselection to the final world skills competition. We support them with our know-how from our championships and our everyday work.

Every year, we prepare motivated apprentices for participation in the SwissSkills and WorldSkills. In our courses, we focus on further deepening the skills they have learned so far as an automation engineer and adapting them specifically to the competition situation. To participate at WorldSkills, each participant must pass various selection stages. We accompany the professional athletes on each of these stages and help with our knowledge to prepare them as well as possible for each situation.

Preparation Course SwissSkills

To participate at WorldSkills, one must first qualify for SwissSkills. For this, two selection rounds must be passed, in which the participants are reduced from about 100 to 24. In our course, we teach the necessary skills such as assembly, programming, teamwork, communication and much more. We apply these skills to MPS stations from Festo. These stations combine electro pneumatics, mechanics, sensor technology, and programming in a very small space and thus challenge the participants in all topics relevant to automation engineers. The tasks at the SwissSkills and WorldSkills are based on just such stations. The preparation course aims to assemble and operate such MPS stations as quickly and precisely as possible. Skills such as accuracy, speed, clean work, correct assembly, wiring, and programming are evaluated. The winners of the SwissSkills qualify for participation at WorldSkills.

Festo MPS Stations
Festo MPS Stations - Assembly and Programming during Course Day

Individual Coaching WorldSkills

The qualified team of two will now be prepared by us for participation at the WorldSkills. The required skills at the WorldSkills are based on MPS stations. With multiple MPS stations, entire production lines are set up in a smaller format. Here the focus is becoming more and more on Industry 4.0. The team will have to prove itself at the WorldSkills against about 40 other nations, which are preparing extremely hard for participation. In addition to the technical aspects, we are now focusing our coaching on goals such as the work process, time management, mental strength, and problem-solving behavior. On the technical side, we continue to focus on assembly, programming, sensors, fieldbus systems, visualizations, energy efficiency, and commissioning.
Our athlete team can now prove their 2-year preparation at the WorldSkills during a four-day competition. WorldSkills can almost be compared to Olympic participation, only that it is not about sports but one's profession. Besides a gigantic opening ceremony and a lot of alternative programs around the competition, the athletes will be celebrated at the closing ceremony after the 4 days. With a lot of skill and a little luck, the athletes will be able to take home a medal.

WorldSkills Kazan closing ceremony
WorldSkills Kazan 2019 - Closing Ceremony

With these courses and the skills we have imparted, we have been able to help our participants to win a medal at WorldSkills over the last six years.

This event is unforgettable for everyone who can participate!